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Our jury has decided...


Best Screenplay: "Talleres Clandestinos" by Catalina Molina

Best Actor: Raphael von Bargen in "Blackstory"

Best Documentary: "Arsy-Versy"    

Best Cinematography: Klemens Hufnagl for "Talleres Clandestinos"

Best Editing: Karin Hammer, Christoph Brunner for "Blackstory"

Best Sounddesign: Manuel Grandpierre for "Blackstory"

Best Actress: Vanessa Salgueiro in "Talleres Clandestinos"

Best Animated Film: "Bear Me" 

Best Score: Iva Zabkar for "Clara Sehen"

Audience Award: "Tuppern" - Vanessa Gräfingholt

Best Production: Karin C. Berger, Christoph Brunner, Stephan Brunner for "Blackstory"

Best non-produced Screenplay: "Was Hinter Gottes Füßen gespielt wird" by Patrick Vollrath

Best Fictional Film: "The Dark" & "Belij Kvadrat"     

Best Directing: Florian Pochlatko for "Erdbeerland"

Friday is Trashnight!

The “Trashnight” shows unrecognized masterpieces and brave experiments. Often too brave for the festival-mainstream. When a film is too loud, too boring, too extreme and too remote, this is the place where it belongs!  

Festival Program!

Our festival program is online - you can find it here!

The official Trailer for the Filmfestival of the Filmacademy Vienna 2013

Creative Austria

CREATIVE AUSTRIA writes about Contemporary Culture and our festival. Enjoy this issue’s article about Young Film!

Our Poster-Design is finished!

Thanks to our designer Christina Uhl who translated this year’s festival motto „Short but good!“ perfectly into her graphics. „Explosion of creativity“, „Courage for new paths“ and „Ventures into unknown waters“ were her guiding themes. ...We are thrilled!